Primordial Traditions

Primordial Traditions

Primordial Traditions was a free online publication which ran from 2005-2009.

It ceased operations officially in 2011 and is closed.

This website is still owned by the former editor of Primordial Traditions and you can follow her work on the websites below:

Gwendolyn Taunton (website)
Gwendolyn Taunton (profile)
Numen Books

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  • Aqua Profundis: The Numinosity of Mermaid Sightings
    Aqua Profundis: The Numinosity of Mermaid Sightings Juleigh Howard-Hobson Almost three-quarters of our planet’s surface are covered with water, with the oceans holding about 97% of that within their depths. It’s no wonder that humanity often encounters the numinous there…there is so much more of it than there is of what we find easily explainable. Take merma […]
  • Five for Silver, Six for Gold: the Ancient Art of Augury
    Five for Silver, Six for Gold: the Ancient Art of Augury Juliegh Howard-Hobson   Augury as a means of divining the will of the gods (and thus the future) by observing birds and the behavior of birds has a long history. The mighty city of Rome itself was founded by such means: Romulus and Remus, noting that Romulus saw twice […] The post Five for Silver, Six […]
  • Bhisma in the Mahabharata.
    Throughout the Mahabharata, one of the most powerful and mysterious characters is Sri Bhishma, whom everyone addressed as Pitamaha i.e. Grandfather since he was expert and well trained in the science of milliatary warfare. Bhishma pitamaha was earlier known as Devavrata. Bheeshma pitamah took an oath by the virtue of which, he got the title […] via Bheeshma […]


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